What you need for a professional business card

Business cards, visiting cards, and calling cards are personalized marketing material for your business. Even in the current era of digitalization, hundreds of business cards are printed every day.

Business cards maintain the impression clients receive on their first visit to the business. These are also a great way to market your business and play a very vital role in branding. The cards usually have all the information necessary for the client to understand what your business is about and how to contact you. Moreover, business cards give the business a sense of genuineness and enhance credibility. 

So what should you actually write on a business card? 

  • Name: and the name of your brand/business is fundamental on the card.  You can also a nickname if you prefer to use one. People tend to remember more if there’s some personalization on the card.
  • The job: Your title in the company, whether you own it or work for one, tells the client if you are the correct person to contact in case of relevant work.
  • Your contact information: Next you need info where people can contact you; your phone number, your email ID, the web address of your work, and maybe even the address of the company. Don’t forget social media handles!
  • Logo: Last but definitely not least, the logo is unique and identifies your company. The logo should be made to reflect the services of the company and is an integral part of branding. 

Did you know that there are almost 30 million business cards printed each day? Even with all of the technological advancements that make digital marketing a necessity for businesses, business owners still opt to have their own business cards. If you don’t have your own business cards, 2022 is the year to get started.

Business cards give a superior impression when you want to share your contact information and give out a card instead of writing it out on tissue paper (Phew! what a save).

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