UV Spot Foil Print

Imagine adding LIFE and VIBRANCY to your prints? At Budget Printing, we can do just that with our 3D Foil and 3D Spot UV Printing.

With our state-of-the-art machine, JETvarnish 3DS, we are the ONLY 3D foil and 3D Spot UV Printing services in Edmonton. Whether you’re in the market to print business cards, brochures, invitation cards, posters, holiday cards, or print media, our services can make you stand out and take your products to the next level.

Where traditional print is great for a number of products, some find that it lacks personality. We want to remarkably and exceptionally showcase YOU and what you can bring to the table.

Not only does 3D Foil and 3D Spot UV Printing look extraordinary, but it adds a unique texture to any small-run or large-run print jobs. Finally – a business card that won’t get lost in someone’s wallet.

3D Foil printing allows for up to 3 colours of foil in a single pass. Metallic foil is sure to glisten beautifully, adding a special flair to your logo or name. 3D Spot UV is a raised gloss and professionally highlights pieces of your print job. Make a stance by using 3D Spot UV across your matte laminated printing.

Not only do these print options make for a BEAUTIFUL finish, but the machine we use is environmentally friendly. With the use of JETvarnish 3DS, we can eliminate the release of volatile solvents and ozone, as well as reduce power consumption. At last, you can feel good about your printed products.

We are finally moving toward a new era in printing and it’s time to say goodbye to old, dated methods.

For eye-catching, 3D tactile effects, call Budget Printing today.

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