Using Presentation Folders To Promote Your Brand and Encourage Organization

A presentation folder is the most commonly used organizational tool for holding important documents, brochures, receipts, and sales material. A standard presentation folder will have the company name and logo on the cover. On the inside will be two pockets extending up from the bottom of the page to hold all your important documents.

These pockets are perfect for giving your employees the required material that will help them follow along when presenting a new idea or concept for your business.

Why Every Business Should Give Their Employees Presentation Folders

Although it may not seem necessary to have company-issued presentation folders, you’d be surprised at the many benefits of doing so.

1. Organization

Do you have employees that stride into the presentation room with an armful of papers? This can be frustrating and waste valuable time for your business.

 Having a presentation folder provides one place to neatly organize all documents necessary for a presentation so everyone will be able to focus on the content of what is being presented, rather than the presenter’s organizational faults.

2. Branding

Presentation folders include a company name and logo, and sometimes even the name of an individual employee. This aids in promoting the professional image of your office, a trait common among the most successful organizations of today.

Also, customizing your presentation folders with a company logo makes it easy to determine who the folder belongs to if accidentally misplaced at a conference or networking event. Don’t run the risk of using generic presentation folders that look similar to every other business.

3. Image

Making a good first impression in business is vital to success. Presentation folders are a contributing factor to a well respected and professional image for your company and its employees. For example, if you walk into a board room meeting with a prospective client, you want them to know they are in the hands of someone who takes organization and detail very seriously.  A sleek, branded presentation folder helps to achieve this.

4. Marketing

Giving away presentation folders can also be a great way to market your products or services to clients. They give you the option to include as many marketing materials as possible before you pass them out. For example, in one of the folder pockets you may want to place a business card, company brochure, or sales document for the recipient to read on their own time.

 Any time your company name, logo, and contact information are displayed to prospects, there is a potential to generate new business.

Design Your Customized Presentation Folders with Budget Printing Services

With modern equipment and several options for customization, Budget Printing can help you create a presentation folder that will set you apart from your competitors. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, layout options and more to make sure your presentation folder reflects your desired brand image.

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