Using Business Cards to Attract More Customers/Clients

Business cards are an effective marketing tool for your business or personal service. They provide prospective customers/clients with a snapshot of what you do, and instructions for how they can contact you.

 All business cards include a few basic elements. At the very least, your card should display your personal or company name, contact information, and website. More customized options include a short tagline distinguishing your business from competitors, such as: “Edmonton’s #1 rated massage therapist!”

How Business Cards Boost Your Marketing Success

Many people believe business cards are only used to pass-on contact information. In reality, they are much more valuable than that. Here’s why:

1. Business Cards Get People Talking About Your Services

 Every business card you give away has the potential to lead to future business. When someone reads your card, they immediately associate YOUR business or service with the related industry.

2. Business Cards Double as Advertisement

 Imagine being able to post a miniature ad that is seen by prospects multiple times every single day.

When people are given a business card, often they will not act immediately. Rather, they will store your card somewhere in case of future need. This could be in their wallet, or even on their fridge. Every time someone goes to pay for something, or opens their fridge, they see your card and are reminded of who you are, and what you do.

3. Business Cards are Convenient

In public, business cards are a great way to let people know about your services without seeming overly “salesy” during casual conversation. If they are interested in what you do, give them a card and they have everything they need to pursue your business. You never know when you may be speaking with someone who is searching for the exact service you provide.

4. Business Cards Add Credibility to Your Business

A professional business card is much more than a simple piece of paper. It signifies your attention to detail and your commitment to perfection. With the intense competition in today’s marketplace, branding is often a deciding factor for landing new clients. A business could have the best service available, but if they scribble a phone number on a napkin, chances are no one is going to call.

Budget Printing Creates Business Cards That Stand Out

Budget Printing as been creating beautiful, sleek, and effective business cards for years. Their modern equipment allows them to fully customize business cards to fit your exact needs.

They offer a choice of two materials – durable paper or hardwearing plastic – to ensure your message will not fade away like the paper it is printed on.

If you would like to team up with the experts at Budget Printing to get started on your business card design, please email them, or give them a call at 780-451-4546!

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