Understanding the Difference between Custom Banners vs Digital

History can tell stories

Little do people know that banners have been around and used throughout the centuries, it started off with the Romans using their coat of arms on a banner outside their home to identify their premises. Kings would deliver a banner onto the battlefield so that the enemies would know who they were battling.. A banner could easily be described as a flag or a piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo or message. Over time banners have been adapted to serve different purposes. Now at this present time, the main purpose is to identify the marketing of the business.


Back in 1656 banners were hand painted on silks

Banner advertising is one of the most multifaceted and reasonable forms for advertising. They can be renovated over again to promote announcements. They are made to last inside or outside depending on the climate. When choosing a banner, make sure you get it with UV-protection ink to resist fade or discoloration, this will ensure that the banner will last.

Customizing a banner no matter what the content is for will separate you from the other profitable signs. With personalizing you put your own stamp on it to create a relationship with the brand or product. To make your business known or seen, a custom banner is impactful, as you are fulfilling a customer’s needs.


Banners ads can encourage business performance

Here are a few things to remember when customizing a banner, firstly think about the colours you choose. Colours have a big influence on people. They are a form of non-verbal communication. I recommend using up to 4 colours on a banner. Scientists say that 93% of customers will make purchase decisions based on appearance. Choose a colour which represents your brand or business as it can make or break you. Too many dark colours the customers won’t be able to understand the meaning behind the message. Some colors will bring out different reactions than others. For example, warm colours may give the illusion of closeness and romance which will be more noticeable.

For a larger retail business a horizontal banner is recommended but many businesses use vertical but it depends on the business and location. A roll up banner can cost slightly more, but will allow a sales rep to travel lightly. Moving banners around your business will allow customers to see your message or deal of the day. Banners which are on stands, can be changed out immediately if there are new products coming out.


Photographs are a way to communicate

Custom banners can come in all sizes and as we all know size matters, when running a business. A larger banner will allow for a large photograph or message. With a large banner, you will greater the distance your customers can read. The last bit of advice is to keep it simple,Keeping it simple means no mistakes or confusion to the customers.

A digital banner can work in a very similar way to a custom banner but there are plenty of differences. Digital banners are mainly moving image -based and video’s rather than text-based. This is a popular form for online advertising and marketing, it delivers the message to targeted audiences through the internet. Digital banners are affordable to create and can be shared online multiple times. They can be easily edited and placed as part of google ads. Messages are remembered through digital media today but deliver the wrong content when not explained in person.


59.5% of the global population have internet access

“ The customers are always right” Is a very popular phrase, said over and over again. My advice is to listen to the customers and see what they want from a brand or product, go the extra mile and find what suits your business.


What Budget Printing can provide

Here in Edmonton we know Banners have really taken off within the past ten years, great for any business or marketing. That’s why Budget Printing has you covered from custom banners to 3D spot UV Printing.

We are known for setting very high standards. We offer unique designs which aren’t used from templates. Here at our stores we only use reliable and modern equipment. You have our word, we can help you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re looking for customers or members.

Let us help you and your business create a message which no one can resist to read.

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