Typography, typeface, and fonts: the ultimate guide

When it comes to branding, the font makes a big impact on your viewers / potential customers. If you are new to owning a business, there are a few terms that you should know about branding, marketing, and overall showcasing your products and services. 

Typography: The art of arranging letters, words, and symbols in a sensible, comprehensible manner is called typography. It encompasses the display features of the written material, like the height and width of letters, the typefaces, spacing between individual letters and between words, etc. 

Typography was an expert’s field before the advent of advanced technology. Digitialization has made it widely accessible.

Typeface: The actual design of the letters is called the typeface. The displaying typeface could be with decorative endings in each letter (called serif) or without (sans-serif). They could be equally spaced, without considering the size of a letter (monospace) or relative to the letter size (proportional). There are also scripts, Gaelic, liquids crystals, and blackletter, to name a few.

Font: The typeface also includes the features of bold, extra bold, italics, condensed, extended, size, etc. And each of these features represents a font.

The difference between typeface and font may seem a bit confusing . Though lots of people use these terms interchangeably, they are technically not the same; fonts come under the header of the typeface. These terms were invented when the letters had to be printed using specialized equipment, metal typesetting, which was fixed and not so easily accessible like in the digital form available nowadays.

An easy way to understand this is: Times New Roman is a serif typeface, if you choose it in italics at size 12 then that would be called the font.

Now that you know the proper terminology, what will you choose for your branding?


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