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Make an impact on your audience with professional graphic design services in Edmonton

There’s no substituting the power of beautiful, eye-catching, bold design. Whether you’re advertising a product, attracting customers at a tradeshow event, need a logo, or want that wedding banner to have extra pizazz, our years of graphic design experience is here to serve you!

Our graphic design services aren’t just about making things pretty (but pretty is nice too). Good graphic design lends credibility to your enterprise. It shows you are professional and have committed the time, effort, and money to communicate your message.

Depending on the company size, you may not need an internal team. This is when having a trusted graphic designer is vital to your business’ success. Hiring an external team to take on a few internal projects may be a welcome lifeline for your design and marketing teams.

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putting experience to work for you

Putting Experience to Work for You

Digital and offset printing, photocopying, design services, and more at Budget Printing, Edmonton’s best full-service print shop for over four decades.

Logos & Marketing Materials

Graphic design is an integral part of branding. Your brand is what customers will remember; it will be the image that reminds them to come back. We are an Edmonton graphic design company with years of experience in logo and brand building.

Designing your logo and core marketing materials will probably be one of the more important things you do for your new business. Logos and branding designs create an impactful impression on potential clients and tell them something about what you’re offering. Design also communicates the demographic you want to target (ie. bright colours for children, darker colours for sophistication). Professionally designed logos and marketing materials will tell your customers you are professional, credible, and capable. From printing to finishing, banner design to T-shirt design, we can handle it all. At Budget Printing, we can help you choose the right colours, fonts, and graphics, assisting you with:
  • Logos
  • Marketing materials
  • Handouts
  • Digital imaging
  • Report bindings
  • Business stationery
  • Advertisements and promotional flyers
Your logo is a key factor in establishing brand identity. Having a recognizable and attractive logo is crucial in getting customers to notice your products and services. We are proud to offer top logo designing services in Edmonton.
logo & marketing materials

Personal Stationery, Newsletters & More

Really make your brand or message stick with customized stationery, flyers, newsletters, and more. Branded product giveaways like notebooks and pens with your logo on it do a good job of advertising and reminding your clients of your business. When hiring an Edmonton graphic design company it is especially important to ask the right questions. We pride ourselves on full and open communication with our clients.

DIY-ers, We Can Help Too!

Seasoned designers can benefit from our printing process, as can those with an inkling of what they want to be designed but aren’t comfortable completing it. For example, you can send us a sketch of what you want, or give our design team a paste-up (ie. compilation of desired images) of your design for digitization.

We don’t send anything to the printer until we get your approval. You can choose to have an email, hard, or in-person proof that you can sign off on. For more information, visit our process page and conditions of sale. We also offer delivery! In short, we can take care of your Edmonton graphic design job from start to finish, so contact us today to get started.
diy-ers, we can help too