Print Big: A Guide to High-Quality, Large Printing

One of the biggest difficulties when it comes to large print is how to keep your images looking their best. As print gets larger, it gets pixelated and quality decreases dramatically. Fortunately for you, our experts here at Budget Printing can show you how to print big and save on quality and on price! Our printing services in Edmonton offer a variety of services. Here are a few points to consider when dealing with large, high-quality printing.

Be Wary of Your Megapixels

We know that sometimes an image will look spectacular and sufficiently big on your screen, but it’s important to verify the number of megapixels on the image before printing it out. If you try to resize an image larger than its maximum number of megapixels, the image will come out pixelated and essentially be unusable. When resizing an image on screen, quality is retained over a much wider range than it would be in print format.

Know Your Editing Software

Often when people start out with image editing, they’re not entirely familiar with the ins and outs of the software they use. It’s important to familiarize yourself with every detail of your software and most of all, to make sure you’re using the right one. You should never use the resize image function on Adobe Photoshop when trying to enlarge an image for the purposes of printing. This will result in a product that is heavily pixelated and unsightly. If you are set on resizing and printing large images yourself, there is a variety of open-source software you can use designed specifically for that purpose.

Use a Scanner for Older Photos

Most flatbed scanners have a built-in function that allows you to resize an image without any negative impact on the resolution when it comes time to print. This is ideal if you ever need a large print copy of an old photograph that you don’t have saved digitally.


Trust The Professionals

If you have posters that need printing in Edmonton, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. While undertaking the task on your own might seem easy enough, the tools and skills required to do it properly make a printing service look far more inviting. We here at Budget Printing offer printing services that are both easy and affordable for individuals and businesses alike.

If you have a need for high-quality, large printing or are looking for other printing services in Edmonton, trust the experts at Budget Printing. Call us today for more information regarding the highest quality prints at the best price possible.

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