On Trend Greeting Card iDeas

Being stuck inside for months on end has meant that staying in touch has been more important than ever. Styles in print are ever-changing and whether it’s for business or pleasure the greeting card is a simple yet effective way to let someone know they are on your mind. Here are a few trends we’ve seen explode over the last year if you need a bit of inspo to get going.

Eco-friendly Greeting Cards

Environmentally conscious Greeting Cards are a trend we hope we’ll be seeing for a long time yet. Recycled papers or paper made of more sustainable materials is making a big push into the industry! We love to see it.

A handmade effect

As much as we’d like to, not everyone has the time (or patience) to hand-make their Greeting Cards. However, there are plenty of simple things you can do to give a hand-made feel to your designs.

The first thing to think about is texture. A textured paper gives a less machine-perfect finish to designs with the unique feel harkening back to a time of homemade papers and hand-painted designs.

You can always finish your designs by hand before you mail them or hand them out as well. Whether that’s writing a personalized message, adding a finishing touch such as ribbon or a sticker! There are so many ways to craft your own hand-finished look.

A touch of luxe foil

Foil is one of the most versatile finishes out there simply because of how it can be used to elevate almost any design. 3D embossing is a kind of finishing that gives your print an elegant and multidimensional look and feel. These artisan printing techniques bring together centuries-old craftsmanship with modern design, blending the old and new and leaving your prints with a crisp and elegant look. Our special embossing technique can also be combined with hot foil stamping to give the raised portion touches of gold leaf or other foil through heat transfer, creating a striking look.

Really make your brand or message stick with customized greeting cards, flyers, newsletters, and more. Branded product giveaways like notebooks and pens with your logo on it do a good job of advertising and reminding your clients of your business. When hiring an Edmonton graphic design company it is especially important to ask the right questions. We pride ourselves on full and open communication with our clients.

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