Invitation Cards For Your Big Event

Invitation cards are a fantastic way to let people know you would love for them to attend your event. Weddings, birthdays, parties, and conferences are all times when invitation cards can add a personal touch to your request for someone to join you.

Invitation cards usually contain a brief message and a clean, elegant design. They make people feel special by letting them know you took the time to create a beautiful invitation for them because they are important to you.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Invitation Cards

Design, images, and the message all come into play when creating a great invitation card.

Here are some design considerations to make when completing the planning stages of your invitation cards:

Use Images

An image can be a great compliment to the carefully selected message you include on your invitation cards. It creates a more personal feel and compliments the overall design. For example, for wedding invitations, consider using a favorite picture of yourself with your intended partner to add to the sentimental aura of the card.

Keep the Message Short and Sweet

Always remember, it’s an invitation card and not a letter. The main purpose is to get the invitee to attend your event.

Consider opening with a short line such as “we would love for you to attend.”

Follow the opening line with a short description of the event including details such as time, location, and any other relevant information.

Include a Call To R.S.V.P

The ulterior purpose of invitation cards is to get an estimate of the amount of people attending your event so you can plan accordingly. Adding a call to R.S.V.P notifies people that you would like to hear from them, and that this is not the type of event you just “show up” to.

This will help you plan seating, food, and more aspects related to your event.

Consider Custom Design Options

You want your invitation cards to be truly unique. Many options exist that allow you to manipulate the look, feel, texture, and effect of your invitation cards. It may be worthwhile for you to research up on custom design options to see which ones catch your eye. A few options for customized designs are explained in the next paragraph.

Budget Printing Creates Highly Customized Invitation Cards

Here are just some of the design options at Budget Printing that allow you to create invitation cards that stand out:

Diecutting: enables you to uniquely shape your invitation cards.

Bevel cuts: customizes edges and corners of your invitation cards.

Foiling: Gives an appealing shine to your finished project.

Embossing: adds focus to your invitation cards.

Raised print: incorporates a unique look and feel to the design of your invitation cards.

If you are planning an event that requires invitation cards, contact the professionals at Budget Printing. The have several decades of experience and will get you started on your way to creating the perfect design!

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