How to Use Print for Business in the Digital Age

With the digital age taking over, some business owners make the mistake of not using print properly. Print can take your business from mediocre to extraordinary. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, you must have standout print products that will engage and capture clients. Cards, brochures, presentation folders, and more, all have a strategic place in your business plan.
Despite popular belief, print can make more of a BANG than ever. So, we have provided a few tips and tricks to amplify your business with print marketing.

1) Colours can work with you or against you

The trick with colour: must be on-brand, must be captivating and musn’t be overwhelming!
Colour should intrigue your potential customer without being busy (or even tacky!). Carefully use colour in a way that compliments your brand.
If you’re unsure how to walk this fine line, we have samples that might provide insight for you.

2) Don’t forget contact information!

You want to include ALL of your contact information. Don’t make the mistake of limiting it to just an email or phone number. Include different avenues that your customer can reach you.
A business tip: different people have different communication preferences. Some customers may prefer a phone call, whereas others prefer email. By including all of your contact information, you can appeal to more people.

3) Don’t cut corners on paper quality

Premium paper is one of the best investments you can make in digital print.
Choose paper that will stand the test of time. By cutting corners on paper quality, you’re risking fading or ripping.
Furthermore, premium paper actually feels premium. It’s an easy addition to make a big impact on your first impression.

4) Bulk buy

If you’re not changing your contact information or branding anytime soon, then it pays to stock up. By purchasing more at once, you’ll be saving per piece.

5) Font should be brand-specific

When working on your branding, you likely chose fonts that will be used for your brand. Strictly use these set fonts throughout ALL of your marketing material.

6) Actually USE the print marketing

Don’t make the mistake of tucking your business cards away in a drawer. You’ve spent time and money designing and printing your marketing materials, so USE them!
Exposure is critical to success, so make these print products a routine in your business.
At Budget Printing, we want to see your business succeed! We are dedicated to providing high-quality print products that will make an impact on your audience.

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