Enhancing the Take – Out / Delivery Experience Through Print

Take-out and delivery are not going away any time soon. Your restaurant or cafe has likely had to pivot your marketing strategy to keep customers loyal to your brand. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways your restaurant or cafe can expand the experience to customers who are enjoying your products at home. Let’s get started!

Brand everything – cups, menus, cutlery

White styrofoam is so 2020, and no one wants to remember that year! To make sure your customers remember you and reorder the next time, try adding little branded touches wherever possible. This can be a great marketing tool especially if your branding has a unique esthetic. Think of all the Instagram tags and shares!

consider a branded loyalty card or coupons

Aside from the delicious goods, there are other added bonuses you can slip into the takeout bag. Everyone loves a deal (which is why you are choosing B Print) and by choosing to include a promotional flyer, stamp card, and/or a coupon for their next visit, there’s definitely room for value-added print pieces that encourage return customers.

It’s the small details that count in the industry. As we mentioned, although you can’t bring good service home, what you can do is add to the experience by offering something extra that exceeds expectations.

Competitive Edge

If you’re investing in professional graphic design services when your competitors are not, you’ll immediately gain a competitive advantage. Quality design improves branding, and therefore, customers are more likely to choose you over competitors.


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