designing a brochure that works

If you’re planning to create a sales brochure or flyer to drum up business or to announce a new product or service, you’re probably wondering what you can do to ensure a good response. Every piece of collateral you send out or hand out leaves an impression on your prospects. Read on for tips and tricks to designing a brochure that your customers will love.

stay consistent to your brand

Every piece of advertising you create should correspond with the general message your business wants to send. Brand recognition is essential, so make sure your colour scheme, imagery and message are consistent.

Use headlines and graphics your audience cares about 

If your headline or graphics on the cover of your brochure are boring, few recipients will bother opening it. Remember, the average reader takes less than 5 seconds to glance at the cover of a sales brochure and decide whether or not to read it.

set a budget

When you decide to design a brochure, there are multiple factors to consider. The brochure size, quantity, printing cost, hiring a copywriter and a designer, the list goes on. Take all these costs into account!

Know your audience and target them

Use the language and images appealing to the person you think your ideal customer is. Remember, if you are trying to appeal to everybody, you will probably reach nobody.

leave a clear cta

Be sure your business name, phone number, and website URL are easily found in the sales brochure or flyer. Consider a QR code that takes people either to your product page or to a page to signup for your newsletter!

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