Business Cards: Design Tips for the Backside

Alrighty, it’s time for a refresh of your business card! The front side of a card is straightforward. You want to include your business name, employee name, location, and phone number… You know, the basics.

But what about the backside of your business card? Most businesses will plop on their logo and call it done, but we’re here to tell you that the space is valuable real estate. If used properly, the backside of your business card could bring you more business.

Keep reading for design tips that will help you get the most out of your business card.

Get Social

A business card can be a great opportunity to get people talking about your business and develop relationships with your customers. In other words? Use your business card to get social.

Gain More Followers

A useful trick is to use the backside of your business cards to direct people to your social media handles. A prospective client is more likely to check out your Instagram if your handle is front and centre. By gaining more followers, you’ll have more people to market your business to for FREE.

PRO TIP: This might be the perfect time to use a QR code. This will make it even easier for your clients to find you. Pair it with a social media contest, and you’ll be getting likes in no time.

Share Client Compliments

Are you already hearing good things from existing customers? Share their words on the back of your business card! This is an excellent place to showcase client testimonials, Google reviews, and star ratings.

If you have a lot of clients who are sharing positive feedback, you could also make a word cloud of all the nice things they say about you.

Referral Rewards

The back of your business card could be the way you market by word-of-mouth. Get your clients to share your business card with family & friends with a promise that they’ll gain incentives, like discounts or free stuff. Everybody loves free stuff—especially custom t-shirts (we can help you make those, too, by the way).

A word of caution: Make sure your referral process is clear to your staff and clients!

Get Practical

You can never go wrong by using the back of your card to share practical information about your business.

Important Dates

Many companies will use the back of their business cards as appointment reminders! This is a fantastic way to make sure your business card lands on your client’s fridge (and, of course, to make sure they show up for their appointment).

We also love when businesses use their cards to promote upcoming events! If you have a trade show, seminar or fundraiser coming up, get it on the back of your business card. Just make sure you don’t overprint—you don’t want to distribute outdated cards.

Map of Locations

A map of your location(s) is a great way to leverage that extra space on your business card. It’ll help your clients find you again while also letting them know of any additional locations you have.

This is also a great way to get people to pass their cards off to someone else. Instead of trying to explain where you can be found, they can show their friend.

Get Creative

Your business card is a chance to flex that creativity muscle in your brain. The greatest business cards often have something unique & personal to a business.

We’ll give you three examples for inspiration:

Restaurant: Share a classic recipe or wine pairing suggestion.

Clothing Store: Diversify your cards with fashion dos and don’ts.

Landscaping Company: Share a funny pun, like “why so sod?” before giving a tip for lawn care.

We recommend brainstorming some ideas with your team to find something perfect for your business.


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