6 Situations that Call for Custom Printed T-Shirts

Looking for Custom T-Shirts in Edmonton? Look no further than Budget Printing! Their experienced staff and modern equipment can transform even the most intricate designs into reality.

Here are a couple of things to consider when creating your design:

Colour – in order to speed up the design process, make sure your colour scheme is chosen ahead of time. When you have decided, just let us know the colours you had in mind and we’ll have your clothes printed in no time!

Fabric – the material of your garments makes a major difference in how your final design will turn out. It’s best to choose clothes that offer a smooth, flat surface. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that things like zippers and pockets may limit the ability to carry out certain designs.

Space – select a design that matches the area of the clothing. For example, a large design printed on a tank top won’t look as good as one that is printed on a t-shirt where there is more space to work with.

Here are just a few of the situations that call for custom printed T-shirts:

1. Sports Teams

Look good, play good. You’ve probably heard someone say this line before. But it’s true – a matching set of custom uniforms helps your sports team appear as a single unit rather than a group of individuals.

Budget printing can help create and print custom logos and designs for soccer jerseys, baseball uniforms, golf shirts, and more!

2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Is someone you know getting married? Send them off in style with a custom T-shirt design from Budget Printing. Whether you need to print a cheesy one-liner or an embarrassing picture of the bride/groom to be, they’ve got you covered!

3. Reunions

Maybe you would like your graduating class or family name printed on a T-shirt. Or, possibly it’s for some other type of reunion. Regardless of whether it be a high school reunion, a large family get-together, or anything else, a custom t-shirt can help you stand out!

4. Work Uniforms

There’s a reason why most companies require their employees to wear a uniform – it looks professional. If your entire team is wearing matching garments, customers will trust you and be more likely to take their business to you. Also, it makes their life easier by differentiating your staff from other customers.

5. Business Functions

Team build event? Office party? Corporate function? Whatever your need may be, Budget Printing has the capability to print custom designed t-shirts for your Edmonton business’s next big event!

Not only does this help your team appear as one cohesive unit, but it also helps you identify your employees at major conferences where there are hundreds or even thousands of people.

6. Gifts

What’s better than a custom printed garment to give to someone as a gift? Whether it be for an inside joke with your friends or a heartfelt message to your partner on Valentine’s day, it’s up to you!

Budget Printing – Your source for Custom T-Shirts and Clothing in Edmonton

Budget Printing has been providing custom T-shirt and clothing printing in Edmonton for years. Contact them today to learn how you can get a design that stands out!

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