6 Reasons you need graphic design

Take a look at your favorite coffee mug, the online ads all over your social media pages, and the aesthetically pleasing designs on your graphic t-shirt. All of these are exciting applications of graphic design. Do you have a business or brand that you want to promote, but you’re not sure how? Graphics design is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message. It’s straight to the point, interesting, and easy to understand.

Keep reading to find out 6 practical ways to apply graphic design.

1. Identity/branding

A brand is nothing without branding. Creating logos and flyers that build a unique identity for your brand is graphic design. This improves the reputation of your brand and makes it easily recognizable.

2. Advertisements

From billboards to posters to online ads, there are so many ways graphics can be used to promote the image of brands. It’s not enough for you to have a brand. With graphic design, you take it up a notch.

3. Clothing Designs

Graphic design can be used to spruce up plain t-shirts and even other outfits. The fashion industry has incorporated new ways to pass strong messages in their industry through designs here and there on their clothes.

4. Greeting Cards

Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and holidays! They all need greeting cards, and greeting cards need graphics to shine. It makes your good wishes personalized and more intimate. With the aid of graphic designs, you can pass any message you want.

5. Printed Materials

Every day, we read things that involve graphics. Our newspapers, books, and even your favourite magazine. The media and graphics design cannot be separated, and it works hand in hand. This is a very practical application of graphic design that has improved the way information is being communicated.

6. Packaging

Graphic design is very important in the area of packaging. Unique graphics specially made for your brand give a special outlook to whatever you choose to package. If you were asked to buy a box of cookies with no visual representation of how the cookies are or a cute box with juicy-looking cookies on the outside, which cookies would you choose? I bet we both know the answer.

There are so many other applications of graphic design. It continues to be useful in album covers, signboards, online art, and the rest.


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