5 Amazing Uses for 3D Foil Printing

What is 3D Foil printing?

Foil printing is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure, and metalic paper (foil). This is used to create diffeent shiney designs and graphics on various materials. Foil printing gives the focus area an incredable look and is quickly becoming the prefered method of printing in many industries.

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5 Amazing Uses for 3D Foil Printing

1. Packaging

In today’s market place, competition is more fierce than ever before. There are hundreds of companies pumping out thousands of products that are similar to your own.

So, how do you differentiate yourself?

By paying attention to your branding.

Having eye-catching packaging is one of the best ways for your brand to stand out from the masses of competitors.

3D foil printing allows you to create designs consumers won’t have seen before, making them more likely to choose your products over the competition.

2. Business Cards

It might seem like a small thing, but a professional business card goes a long way in establishing trust with potential customers/clients/business partners. If your card has a bland design, it is easily forgotten and it is unlikely that you will ever receive a call.

But if you take the time to design a custom, beautiful business card with 3D foil printing, you will automatically stand out, increasing the chances of prospects reaching out to you in the future!

3. Invitations

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, party, or charity event, your invitations can set the tone for what’s to come.

With 3D foil printing, people will be intrigued by the designs they’ve never seen before. If you show people you put this much care and thought into your invitations, they are going to think that the event will be one-of-a-kind, and will be more likely to attend!

4. Stationary

Stamping your logo on all of your office stationery is another way to enhance the professional appeal of your company.

3D foil printing provides business owners with the opportunity to add unique designs to letterheads, envelopes, reports, and more.

5. Promotion

Your average customer has many things on their mind at any given moment. What to have for dinner. Remembering to pick up the kids from school. Keeping up with their appointments. And that’s not even to mention being constantly bombarded with advertisements from hundreds of different companies.

Their attention is a limited resource and it’s very difficult to capture it.

However, one of the things that have been proven to grab people’s attention are things that are new or novel.

3D printing is exactly that. It can be incorporated into promotional materials like brochures, leaflets, and booklets, helping customers to stop and take notice.

3D Foil Printing in Edmonton

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