4 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Every business should have a website for advertisement and sales purposes, so it is essential to have a functioning and practically perfect site to avoid any lost opportunities. Web design is an art, and it’s surprisingly easy to mess it up. A small mistake is more than enough to make a great looking, award-worthy site into a NEVER VISITING THIS PAGE AGAIN – mess.

And it’s the same mistakes we see time and time again; even web design pros are guilty of making them sometimes.

Here are the top four web design mistakes to avoid:

PHOTO Overload. Avoid having too much going on in terms of photos, graphics, and text. This can be overwhelming for visitors and may make it harder for them to find the information they want. If the graphic design is too colorful or crowded – it will merely make the visitor click off your page. 

There’s no simple way for customers to contact you. Another mistake to avoid is not providing contact information. The primary purpose of a website is to sell your product or services, and if there are no contact details – how is a visitor supposed to get in touch? 

No SEO Plan. A big web design mistake to avoid is undermining the importance of SEO. SEO and keywords will get your website higher up on the Google search page.

Not compatible with mobile. Not having a mobile phone customer site is very bad for business and should be a mistake to avoid at all costs! It’s 2020 and if you are not optimized for mobile, viewers may see your brand as being out of date and not worth their time.


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