4 Considerations for Creating the Perfect Poster

A poster uses an artistic design to pass on important information, provide notice for a new product, or advertise a new service. They contain attention capturing graphics, strategically placed headlines and sub headlines, and sometimes a call to action. Businesses, non-profits, and government organizations all use posters to communicate with their target audience.

To maximize the effectiveness of your poster, here are some important considerations:


The location you choose to display your poster can make a huge difference in the amount of people who read it. Often, people hang their poster anywhere there is a spot for anyone to see it. However, it may be worthwhile to conduct some research to find the most effective location for your poster. For example, the most effective place for a poster printed by a personal trainer who wants to promote their business is on the gym bulletin board.


Word choice can have a huge influence on the reception of the message presented in your poster. For example, abbreviations and text-talk may be more suitable for a younger audience compared to elderly individuals.

Similarly, the level of complexity of the words you use in your poster depends on your target readers. If your poster is meant to be seen by high level executives, you can get away with using more advanced terminology and language. Conversely, if you are designing a poster for students in an elementary school, you will want to keep the dialogue short and simple.

Design Elements:

Color, font size, layout and paper size all come into play during the design stages of your poster. Again, these elements all depend on the goal that you have in mind. For example, if your poster is intended for children, bright colors and silly fonts may be a better choice for capturing their attention. If your poster requires a more serious tone, try using standard fonts and a mild color scheme.

Call to Action:

Very rarely is anyone spending money to create a poster without the hopes of generating a response. The desired outcome could be signing up for a class, attending an event, purchasing a product, or any other form of action taken by the reader. When incorporating a call to action in your poster, remember:

  • Make it clear – tell readers exactly what you would like them to do. Ex. “If you would like to learn more, please call 780-123-4567.
  • Don’t be too pushy – Readers can smell desperation like a dog can smell a fresh cut of meat. If you come across as pushy or desperate in your call to action, no one is going to follow up with you.
  • Make it stand out – The last thing you want is someone to read your entire poster and not be able to find out how they are supposed to follow up because your call to action is printed in size 10 font. Make it bold and make it large enough to be noticeable.

Create the Perfect Poster with Budget Printing

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