3 Ways to Speed Up Your Next Print Project

While we never suggest rushing a project, sometimes things happens and you need something printed ASAP. If speed is of utmost importance, there are several ways to ensure that you the quickest print possible.

Communicate Early On

Printing should be part of the conversation early on, we suggest even before the design to make sure the printer can actually deliver what you are looking for. When possible, get your printer’s input early regarding design, project checkpoints, and final editing. Setting a schedule with your printer regarding design, estimated turnaround, sizing, color and quota can directly impact the speed with which your project is finished.

As soon as you coordinate these details, you’ll establish a timely framework that both parties can stick to

Keep it Simple

We love a creative design! But if your project is demanding a quick turn around time, keeping it simple is your best route.

Don’t go overboard. If you’re short on time, design something that is easy on the eyes and uses very basic graphics, fonts, and materials. If you have templates on hand, consider whether you can adapt or edit these for the fastest possible output.

If you are pressed for time, consider using an online design tool. Or your professional print specialist may be willing to combine a pre-ordered template with the custom design you want. This may be the simplest (and cheapest!) way for everyone to get a project across the finish line.

Avoid Alterations – Proof Your Work

Check your design before sending it to the printer! Seems obvious? The number of individuals who don’t proof their work is quite high. Your professional printing partner is comprised of humans that are also prone to making mistakes, and so may not catch your mistakes before the project makes it to printing.

Proof everything with multiple editors before it leaves your office, keeping in mind that even the smallest edit can cost you valuable time. There should be no design changes once your project has been sent to the printing company.

Budget Printing is here for your last minute printing needs!

Want to save on time, labor, or unnecessary stress?

Budget Printing is Edmonton’s first choice when you need a printer that can handle all your printing needs! If you are facing a tight deadline on a print project, please contact our team to discuss how to ensure your project is completed in the shortest amount of time while maintaining quality.

We’re here to make things flow as quickly for you as possible!

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