3 Things to Ask Your Graphic Designer

Graphic design isn’t just about making things pretty. Good graphic design has a purpose. Whether that purpose is to create leads, build brand credibility, or create brand recognition, graphic design can make or break your branding. When choosing your Edmonton graphic design company (and there are many) there are 3 things you should always make sure to ask, before the project beings.

Can I see your past work?

While this may seem pretty obvious it still holds the most value. While your graphic designer may be a strong candidate their style might not be the best fit for you. Ask to see plenty of past samples before you bite the bullet and hire.

How long will my project take?

If you are on a time crunch and need things done quickly, it is perfectly acceptable to require fast completion of work. Whether you are hiring a remote graphic designer or an Edmonton graphic design company, chances are they have a handful of clients. By expressing interest in project time, it allows both designer and client to have clear expectations moving forward

What is the revision policy?

There is nothing worse than opening up your email to see the final product and being utterly disappointed. It happens! Whether there was a miscommunication or just not the right fit it is possible that you may not like the final design. Have no fear, revisions are here! This is a normal process in all graphic design projects where a client can check over everything and offer their feedback. It is still important to be clear about how many revisions are allowed before you start your contract. This is especially true when working with freelancers.

The graphic design process can be an exciting one. When hiring an Edmonton graphic design company it is important to ask questions and have clear communication. Happy designing!


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